Sunday, October 11, 2009

Stand Up Comedy: Kevin Hart

Too funny to caption

Just finished watching this and getting ready for bed, so that’s my excuse for not giving this the praise it deserves. I love recommending comedians to people but could never really find a way to sell Kevin Hart after he did Soul Plane(how could anyone not like it?!). He’s hilarious and short! I think I might’ve have worn out my laugh box.

Now I know my taste in music and movies is questionable(“I’m gonna sign your pitty on the runny kine”) but please, for love of Ha!, pretend I didn’t mention Petula Clarke and Aly & Aj. Watch all the stand up I post, pinkie swear it’ll only be the best. Eeee I’m sleepyyy.


  1. Man-- I've had to move your bookmark up. Don't check in in a week and you've got like a zillions new posts.

    Thanks for the comment on Astrid Forever. I'd never heard of "Willa" but now I'm going to read it.

    Now I've got to do some work but I'll go through your posts in detail soon.

  2. I listened to that whole thing and he is hilarious.